Longhouse Program

Leadership and potential development school

The Red Lodge is a 4-year learning path aimed at the growth of leadership and the development of individual potential. The Red Lodge path works on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels through lessons in classrooms and outdoors.

There are 5 sessions during the year, each one from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon, plus an additional summer session in a suitable place to live experiences in nature.

Teachings are in Italian and English to allow the participation of all the European students. Each year has 200 hours of teaching. The students will be asked to develop project works between sessions.

Since 2001

The first Red Lodge edition in Italy took place in 2001.

The content of the teachings weaves knowledge coming from many areas: North American shamanism, physics of light quantum, constructivist philosophy and other fields that form a solid body of knowledge.

A 4-year school

The study plan is organized in 4 years.

The goal of the school is to lead the people to the full expression of their potential to gain the desired success, reaching their own goals.

It is clear how positively this will influence their personal and social sphere.

Red Lodge site

  • Phoenix, Arizona (USA)
  • Calgary, Alberta (CANADA)
  • Mullumbimby, New South Wales (AUSTRALIA)
  • Bologna, Italia (EUROPE)

4 clan

There are four clans – water, earth, wind, fire – that serve as a transversal connection between the 4 classes. Each clan has one totem animal as the keeper, one Clan Chief student and his/her deputy; together they facilitate interrelations between the classes. Everyone joins a clan at the beginning of the first year.

In every session:

  • each morning will start with a different training to wake up: Core Energetic, Body Awakening and Qi Gong;
  • an expert teacher will lead a 90 minutes Krav Maga session to become more familiar with self-defense;
  • mentoring meeting with one of the teachers that you can choose as your guide.

First year

L’inizio del percorso

The focus of the first year is to build the foundation for the next years and to provide tools to understand and improve our reality thanks to a systemic approach.

The first year allows you to gain more self-mastery and have multiple points of view on one topic.

Second year

Il percorso entra nel vivo

The second year goes into the substance of the individual leadership leading the students to self-discovery in relation to self and others.

This is the year of laying the foundation of the leadership, of the ongoing development of the transversal skills started in the first year.

Third year

Accoglienza e relazioni

The third year gives form to take the responsibility – the ability to respond – for our actions and to the ability to welcome others’ actions.

Big work on managing one’s physical and mental health.

Fourth year

La conclusione del percorso

The fourth year teaches how to deal with uncertainty and to calculate the risks of decisions taken even in the absence of data.

Determination, attitude to command, motivational and leadership skills will be the focus during this year.

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