Enter and explore the Red Lodge

Enter and explore the Red Lodge

Open Doors

Opportunities to try our journey

Every year there are many opportunities to directly experience the contents, teaching method and experiences offered by Red Lodge Europa:

You can take advantage of one or all of these opportunities to understand what it’s about without signing up for the entire year.

In each session of the Red Lodge path:

  • an expert teacher will guide you during learning;
  • teaching will be in the classroom and outdoors;
  • you can meet interesting people and make new friends.

Pathfinder Project

In August, it is possible to participate in an outdoor experiential program specifically for beginners.

It is an excellent opportunity to discover the Red Lodge and evaluate the teaching method!

Open Jump

Every year the school organizes a workshop led by Walter Alamanni (2nd year teacher) to allow those who are curious to experiment with the Red Lodge method.

Freedom first

È possibile partecipare alla  prima sessione da cui inizia il nuovo ciclo annuale, per sperimentare il percorso e decidere successivamente se iscriversi come studenti al primo anno.

Lineage teachings

Each residential session at Sasso Marconi, on Thursday evenings, begins with a teaching from the Deer Tribe Lineage. These are often themes that are intertwined with the times we are living in.

Practical tools for self-reflection and change in your daily life.

Red Awakening

We have created a structured experience in different phases to personally experience a shamanic ceremony and make this possible for anyone, wherever they live.

Two moments online and one in person, to be able to integrate the experience together.

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