Red Lodge Europa APS

Social promotion Association

Red Lodge Europa APS is a non-profit social promotion association operating in the social-health, training, education and promotion of health and psychophysical well-being sectors. The Association pursues civic, solidarity and socially useful purposes.

In particular, to achieve its objectives, the Association aims to carry out the following activities:

  1. carry out and promote activities and techniques suitable for encouraging the harmonious physical, mental and spiritual development of the individual in all its fields of manifestation and forms of associated life;
  2. assist, promote, guide, stimulate and support, also through training, qualification and updating processes, projects connected to the pursuit of the social purpose;
  3. organize conferences, seminars, study meetings, events and initiatives to discuss and raise awareness on issues relating to social purposes, leadership and its meaning;
    collaborate with bodies, associations, organizations, institutes or other public or private bodies with similar purposes;
  4. carry out any other activity connected or similar to those listed above and carry out, always in compliance with the relevant legislation, any act or operation necessary or useful for the direct or indirect realization of institutional purposes.

Download Red Lodge Europa APS statute.

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