Pathfinder Project

An opportunity to try our path

Red Lodge Europa opens a space of teaching that will take place from 20 to 24 August in Badia Tebalda, in the province of Arezzo, during the school’s summer week.

The opportunity is offered to all people looking for a path of growth and development of potential: the Pathfinders.

Those who choose to jump into this precious experience will be able to discover a new system of knowledge by making practical experiences immersed in the beauty of nature.

It is an excellent opportunity to discover the Red Lodge Europa school.

Available to everyone

The Pathfinder Project is a workshop open to all. It is an experience suitable for those looking for a path of knowledge and personal growth.

The lessons and experiences proposed serve to develop greater self-awareness and leadership.

Sorrounded by nature

The Pathfinder Project takes place in an evocative place, surrounded by greenery, perfect for enjoying the beauty of nature, taking walks, learning and relaxing.

It is the ideal context to live a different learning experience in a relaxed way.

A path to grow

The Red Lodge brings the knowledge of the Sweet Medicine of the SunDance Path into the world. It is a spiritual path that offers teachings and tools to support the human quest for growth and integrity.

In this workshop you will get in touch with the knowledge, techniques and ceremonies of this path.

Begin the training path