Diane Battung

1st year teacher

Deer Tribe ( teacher for 30 years now; Red Lodge Europa co-founder in Italy.
Quantum Leap for Adults International School and Women Sacred Circle founder, Consulting for Life Change director.

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Walter Alamanni

2nd year teacher

DTMMS teacher for 10 years now. Teen Lodge and Brotherhood Circle leader.
Ceremonialist in Rites of Passage. Counselor and
Coach. Founder and director of Io Sono® , School of Intent, Motivation and

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Naide Bruno

3rd year teacher

For 20 years now teacher in the USA, Canada and Europe. Red Lodge Europa program co-founder in Italy. Qualified and worldwide responsible for the DTMMS Healing Paradigm. Author of the SMSD Healing Manual.

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Mary Minor

3rd year teacher

For 30 years now Deer Tribe teacher. DTMMS Medicine Director and member of the Hereditary Lineage Leader group.
Teacher of Training of Rites of Passage, Red Lodge, White Lodge and Earth Lodge.

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Renata Carnegini

4th year teacher

Deer Tribe qualified teacher to guide people in different kinds of ceremonies: Purification ceremonies, Rites of Passage, Gateway ceremonies and Shamanic Healing Circles. She helps people to find their own beauty and shining.

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Teachers' assistants

Emanuela Lazzerini
1st year assistant
Simona Bartolini
2nd year assistant
Simona Ciampi
3rd year assistant
Erica Tricarico
3rd year assistant


Martina Sergi
1st year translator
Maria De Santa
2nd year translator
Lisa Triulzi
3rd year translator
Fabiola Sguassero
4th year translator
Igor Checchini
Papers translator


Antonella Bonci
Administrative manager
Ester Balducci
Logistics manager
Marco de Santis
Communication manager
Valentina Viciani
Organizing manager