Walter Alamanni

Insegnante 2° anno

[…] In the exact moment in which you understand that it is you who “happens” to reality, and that therefore you can decide how to assemble your reality, then you are starting to “Control the Dream” of your existence…

Walter Alamanni

Graduated and specialized in Corenergetics, he worked directly with Dr. for more than eight years. J. Pierrakos. Subsequently graduated in somato-relational counseling with a bioenergetic orientation with Dr. L. Marchino. Wanting to broaden the areas of knowledge and expertise, he became interested in strategic counseling, obtaining a master’s degree with Dr. G. Nardone. Over the years he has looked for intervention methods and tools increasingly aimed at the solution, so he specializes in NLP Coaching, obtaining a master’s degree with R. Bandler’s NLP Society and with T. James’s American Board NLP and TLT.

He is a counselor, coach and trainer in the field of personal growth, problem solving, self-esteem and leadership both in the classroom and with one-to-one sessions. Founder and director first of S.E.R.S., a counseling school recognized by S.I.Co, and subsequently of Io Sono®, School of Intention, Motivation and Self-Esteem. For over 20 years he has followed the DTMMS, a shamanic oriented school, from which he is authorized to disseminate teachings and ceremonies and for which he is a teacher at the Red Lodge and White Lodge Italy schools.

Since 2010 he has been following managers and executives of large and small companies for conflict resolution, the development of personal and professional relationships and alignment with the Best Version of themselves.

He works as a freelance coach in Montecatini Terme and Viareggio, facilitating personal growth and evolution with individual and group sessions. He also holds courses for teachers and educators in public and private contexts.


-Mindset Coach™ (NLP Society)

-Master Coach Time Line Therapy™ -T49908

-Master Coach NLP, American Board NLP – N61797

-Licensed NLP Coaching Master Practitioner (NLP Society 176451)

-Licensed NLP Business Coach (NLP Society)

-Licensed NLP Parent Coach (NLP Society)

-Master in Integrated Humanistic NLP (NFNLP)

-Somatorelational Counselor IPSO (Institute of Somatic Psychology)

-Master in Strategic Counseling (CTS, Strategic Therapy Center)

– Graduated and specialized in Corenergetics, direct student of J. Pierrakos

-Red Lodge DTMMS graduate, teacher at the aforementioned school

-White Lodge DTMMS graduate, teacher at the aforementioned school

-Training in Psych-K®

-Master in Metalog®

-Training in Rites of Passage

-Training in APA® (Aura Perceptual Analysis)

-AICP member n. 1803

-GTC Member, Global NLP Training and Consulting Community

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