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Can I have a preview?

There are 3 annual opportunities to get to know Red Lodge Europa first hand. If you participate in the initiatives open to all, you can evaluate the contents of the lessons, the teaching method and the experiences of the school:

  • the “Open Jump” seminar in September;
  • the “Pathfinder Project” experience in August;
  • the “Freedom First”  session in November.

You can take advantage of one or all of these opportunities without enrolling in school.

Open Jump

Introductory seminar

During the last weekend of September, the school schedules a workshop led by Walter Alamanni (2nd year teacher)
The introductory seminar allow interested people to experience the Red Lodge method.

Pathfinder Project

A week in nature

In August, it is possible to participate in an experiential program, mainly outdoors, to discover the learning possibilities. It is an excellent opportunity to discover the Red Lodge and evaluate the teaching method!

Freedom First

An open session

It is possible to attend the November session, the first of each yearly cycle, to have the first teachings and live the first experiences. Later on, you can decide if you want to enroll as a student in the first year.

When to try?

 Event *Price 
 Open Jump
127 € 
 Open Session
253 € 
 Pathfinder Project
343 € 

*discounts are available if you participate in multiple events or come together

In each of the three events

  • An experienced teacher will lead you during the learning process
  • The teaching will be in the classroom and outdoors
  • You can meet interesting people and make new friends
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